W.O.W. (Window on Wednesdays) is our joint primary school blog.  On Wednesdays Durness, Scourie and Kinlochbervie primary pupils are taught together in Kinlochbervie Primary and High School.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the teaching and learning activities taking place on Wednesdays.


The timetable for Term 1 from available here.

Primary 3/4 have discovered a secret garden they are using for their literacy session with Mrs Curley!

Our new Primary One class are settling in very well to our all together Wednesdays with their Wednesday teacher Mrs Davis.

Primary 5/6 and Primary 7 have Spanish lessons with Senor Alvolar

Primary 5/6 have Youth Music Initiative this term with music tutor Jess Bates

The timetable for Term Four from Wednesday 6 June is available here. Wednesdays timetable from May 28th,

Wednesday 15th May

Sometimes it’s the little things. Simple fun and friends in the sun…

Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th May

This week, our P7’s have been on a residential trip to Ridgway Adventure in Ardmore. See what fun they’ve had below:

Wednesday 1st May

This week, our P5/6 had a Spanish Fiesta!! At the fiesta we learned the names of various Spanish foods, tried them and then learned how to say which ones we did and didn’t like. Nos gusta mucho!!

Wednesday 24th April

From Primary 1 to Secondary 3…everyone enjoyed the visit from the Skills Development Scotland team this week. We had the opportunity to find out more about virtual reality, robotics and computer programming.

P3/4 started their science water topic – this week with their science partners they had to complete an ‘ice excavation’ challenge.







…more of photos of P3/4 exploring different timers ; sand, candles and water timers…what an amazing investigation this was !


Thursday 28th February : Fairtarde  Day

As part of’ Fairtrade Fortnight’ we had a fantastic day learning all about what Fairtrade is in Scourie on Thursday. We all took part in four different activities :

Paper Bag Game :  How many we could make in 20 minutes…? We were paid 1 rupee or 1 p for each one. Then we saw how much we could earn in a 10 hour day and what we could buy with this. Everyone was quite shocked.

Cocoa Bean : Trading game.  We all played different roles- farmers, traders, supermarket owners, journalists. We learnt who made the most profit and what difference being paid a fair price meant.

Fairtrade relay- A fast action team race to find the fairtrade packaging.

Chocolate making- Truffles, shards and molded chocolate with the head chef from the Kylesku Hotel and lots of delicious chocolate !

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Wednesday 27th February

This week we had a science workshops with Mairi from the UHI STEM Hub. P1-4 learnt about asteroids, meteors and meteorites…and galaxies far, far away …

P5-7  made models to scale of our Solar System….they had be be accuarate with their measuring and work out the fractions…just look how tiny the dwarf planet Pluto is!

and playtimes…well everyone was equally busy- not tyre-some at all!

Wednesday 6th February

Hope you enjoy our photos of the day !

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Wednesday 23rd January

P1/2 scientists were learning all about the surface of the moon today….they found out that it was covered in craters made from asteroids hitting the moon at great speed. They carried out their own asteroid investigation with a special moon rock surface.

Wednesday 16th  January

Our intrepid P7 scientists began a new unit today…they are working towards getting their Bunsen burner license.

Task one : Know the names of the different parts of the Bunsen burner

Know how to safely set up and light a Bunsen burner

Know how to alter the flame and when we use it the different flames.

Safely switch off the gas tap.

Wednesday 9th January

Welcome back together everyone! Today there were some interesting team games and problems to solve in the playground at break time !

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Wednesday 12th December 

Everyone looked very Christmassy in their jumpers today…time for some seasonal science challenges ! P1/2 built a Christmas tree out of 100 Kapla blocks for a science ted…P3/4 made parachutes to rescue Santa…and P5/6 investigated how different materials burned…and enjoyed boiling up water for a hot chocolate 🙂

Wednesday 28th November

This week P1/2 were learning about high and low sounds in science. In maths they were learning about different shapes.

Meanwhile the P3/4 scientists were experimenting with magnets and carrying out an investigation to find the strongest magnet.

P5/6 had a bit of a smelly science lesson….they made pH indicators from lovely red cabbage….they learnt all about acids, alkali and the pH scale…it worked the cabbage juice changed colour- another chemical change!

….and P7?   they were busy making different electrical circuits and drawing circuit diagrams using the correct symbols.

P5-7 have also began a series of lessons in maths on computer coding using Spheros.

Wednesday  14th November 

Well done everyone for remembering to wear your lovely new purple sweatshirts today!

We had more excellent science lessons today from Mairi from the STEM Hub at UHI.

All the lessons have been planned to fit into this terms science topics .

P1/2 :  Sound- a look inside a giant ear, seeing vibrations and investigating listening cups.

P3/4 : Forces – in teams made a giant marble run. They had to think about the height of slopes and how to reduce friction.

P5/6 : Chemical changes. Investigating acids and alkalis to make a bath bomb.

P7 : Electricity – Experimenting with the blades of a model wind turbines to generate electricity.

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There was some great adventures to be had in the trees at playtime too….what a fab rope-course!!


Wednesday 7th November 

Don’t we all look super smart in our new North West Sutherland Schools purple sweatshirts !


Wednesday 31st October 

Double, double toil and trouble; 

    Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. 

Check out our Halloween potions lessons on chemical reactions and density !

Wednesday 10th  October

Great to welcome back Mairi from the STEM Hub today. We learnt so much ! Sorting dinosaurs….making fossils…..porous and permeable rocks….and even how to select the best rock if we ever need to drill for oil !!

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Wednesday  3rd October 

We all enjoyed our workshops with the Geobus team from Edinburgh University. We learnt so much about what fossils are…we were able to handle a fossil from a Woolly Mammoth and a piece of the Moon  as well as other amazing samples.

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Wednesday 19th September 

This Wednesday we had a return visit from Mr John Darcy from the NSPCC. He did two internet safety workshops for P5/6 and P7.

Mrs Muir has started a series of Kodaly music sessions for P3/4.

Enjoy our photos of the day!

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Wednesday 12 th September

Some photos of our classes today .

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Wednesday 29th August 

Our altogether Wednesdays have started again. Hope you enjoy the photos taken today.

Primary 7 are having their weekly science lessons in the HS physics lab. Last week they learnt about safety in the lab.  This week they have begun a unit on Particles- starting with the three states of matter : Solids, liquids and gases. They carried out a fair testing investigation : Time to explode !

Primary 1 and 2 have been using their science skills of observing and working carefully. They were investigating Jumping Frogs, Tornadoes and Magnet Mazes.

Primary 3 and 4 have been learning about what skills they need for science.  They were observing, recording in a science diagram and working safely. Their investigations were ; Toytrack, Making Toasts, FreeFall and Drip Drop.

In maths P1 and 2 were using money to solve problems and buy their very own pizzas!

Everyone enjoyed a PE lesson with Mr Wood….

P3 and 4 have started a series of lessons on talking and listening. Today’s  task involved describing a drawing for your partner to draw ….tricky!

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Today we welcomed Janis Mackay, the celebrated children’s author, who provided two inspiring writing workshops.

The School was also open to parents to see classes in action and join in!  Even Janis Mackay the author couldn’t resist joining in!

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As part of our Connecting Classrooms link with Nguzu River Primary School P5-7  have been sharing lessons on the Global Goal Number 5 : Gender Equality.  They took  part in a joint presentation with S1 and S2…and Sachangwan High School.  It was great to see and hear their poetry readings and dances. The pupils produced some excellent thought-provoking poems…if you missed the event we hope to perform them again at our Prizegiving ceremony.

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Lower Primary Pupils enjoying a Maths in Context lesson with Mrs  Curley. P3/4  have been finding out about different triangles and how to measure angles….while P1/2 have been learning about clocks and hour to tell the time in hours.

Wednesday 30th May

A fabulous day for all.  Here are some great photos of the day.

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Wednesday 2nd May

In PE this week we started practising for our Sports day on May 30th in Scourie. The P1-4 class practised the bean bag shuttle and different races. P5-7 class all had a go at long jump and high jump. For the first time in a while there were some impressive personal bests achieved already!  Its going be an exciting Sports Day this year !

P1-2 were learning computer coding with Mrs Curley. They programmed the Code-a- Pillars to do a series of instructions. In Science P1-2 learnt all about the parts of a potato plant…then they planted some Pink fur apples and some Estima potatoes. They also completed Week One of their Bean Diaries.

P3-4  were busy learning about compass points and directions with Mr Wood. They found out how to tell which direction the wind was blowing from. In their writing lesson with Mrs Anderson they planned some really creative adverts for different shops.

P7…made cheesy scones in Food technology with Miss Majanen….

P5/6 have been working on the Global Goal ‘Gender Equality’ with Miss  Lockhart.

P5,6,7 also really enjoyed learning about how magnets are used to generate an electrical current during a Generation Science workshop.

And some pupils had fiddle and chanter lessons too!

Wednesday 25th April

Primary 1 and 2 started their living and growing science project by finding out about a seeds needs. they planted broad beans and peas. Wonder if they will have started growing by next Wednesday ?

Primary 3 and 4 were learning about the language of robots in their maths lesson with Mrs Curley…forward, backwards, left turn, right turn…

Then….the P1-4 had a fantastic science afternoon with a workshop from Generation Science . It was called Get Fizzy. The investigated the mysteries of mixtures and learnt all about solids, liquids, gases…and fizzes!

Get Fizzy!

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Get Growing !

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Get Moving !


Wednesday 14th March : National Science Day

In our science classes this week we welcomed Mairi and Sam from the Stem Hub at UHI Inverness. They came with some great activities to help us with our human body topics.

P1-4 : Microscopy 

Were learning :

To say what the five senses are and explain how we use our senses.

To  sort living things into groups and say why I put them into certain groups

To know that some diseases are caused by germs and spread by bad hygiene.

P5-7: DNA Discovery

To know :

That some traits are inherited through your DNA and some are not.

What DNA is and where is can be found.

That DNA is what makes each individual unique

Wednesday 7th March

The primary assembly was taken by Mr Ronnie Lansley from Durness. He told us all about the gaelic poet Rob Donn . There were lots of really interesting questions from pupils for Ronnie to answer!


Also part of the Rob Donn was an inspiring writer’s workshop from the author Barbara Henderson.

In science P1 and 2 continued to test their super powers …aka their senses .

P3/4 learnt where their organs were …

P7  learnt how to separate solids and liquid by magnetism, filtration, evaporation and sieving.

Oh….and we also had a visiting speaker who was an astro-physicist !!

It’s certainly never dull !

Wednesday Update : 28th February

In science P1/2 have been investigating their senses by carrying out different taste,smell and hearing tests. They closed their eyes to try and guess the mystery smells,tastes and sounds.

In P7 science pupils have been learning how to safely use a Bunsen burner.

P5-7 have been learning how to play a beginners version of volleyball.

Wednesday 13th December

Today we are wore Christmas Jumpers to help raise money for the charity Save the Children.  Here’s some lovely photos of the children in their classes. 

….also P3/4 were busy making some classy Christmas cards. 


P1/2 made some fantastic springy Santas!


Wednesday  6th December

Science : We had another great visit from STEM officers Mairi and Sam today. This was to support our learning in the topics of electricity.

By the end of P4 these are the learning outcomes for electricity:

  • I know that an electrical circuit is a continuous loop of conducting material containing a power source.
  • I can explain that electric current flows from one terminal of a power source to another.
  • I can builds simple circuits containing bulbs, switches, bells and batteries.
  • I know that switches can be used to start and stop flow of electrical current.
  • I can sort materials as ‘insulators’ or ‘conductors’.
  • Using simple components in a series circuit I can create a game or model.

…..and here is what we have been doing .

P1-2:  Make a bulb light up and make the flying saucer spin. Take part in different activities to show how electricity works. Talk about electrical safety. 

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P3/4:  Make a complete circuit using a battery, bulb, switch and a motor.  Take part in different activities to show how electricity works. Investigate different materials to see which are conductors and which are insulators. Talk about electrical safety. 

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By the end of P7 these are the learning outcomes for electricity:

  • I can describe, build and draw an electrical circuit.
  • I  understand how to stay safe when using electricity.
  • I can explain that an electric current is a flow of charged particles.
  • I know that a complete circuit is required for electricity to flow and that the circuit must contain a power source.
  • I can use the correct electrical symbols to represent a  bulb, switch, motor, bell, buzzer, wires, cell and a battery.
  • i can describe how components in a circuit transfer energy.
  • I can use electrical symbols to draw circuit diagrams.
  • I can explain that a switch can create a temporary gap in a circuit that can be opened or closed to control the flow of charged particles.
  • I know materials which are conductors and that they allow the flow of charged particles.
  • I can give examples of important applications of insulators.

……and this is what they have been doing.

P5-6:  Make electrical circuits using different components. Investigate which materials are conductors and insulators. Use a coding programme to make electrical circuits using fruit. 

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P7:  Make electrical circuits using different components. Draw circuit diagrams using the correct symbols for each component. Understand that the components can be arranged in two different types of circuits : series and parallel. Investigate which materials are conductors and insulators. Use a coding programme make electrical circuits using fruit. 

Footie Fun!

P4-7 enjoyed a one hour coaching session from Brora Rangers FC coach Dale this week. 

Wednesday 29th November 


We all did a writing assessment today- another diary entry so we can compare our writing with the August assessments.


P1-2 were getting ready for Spring!  They learnt what a bulb needs to grow. Then in groups we each planted a trug…with our own special recipe : Homemade compost- shredded paper-bought compost- a layer of sand- the lucky bulbs- more compost on top . Hopefully we will be able to show you some blooming good flowers in the Springtime 🙂

P3-4 We making electrical circuits with special playdough that acts as a conductor! They were drawing their own circuit diagrams too. 

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P5-6:   Were carrying out a fair-rest experiment to find out which paper towel was the most absorbent. 

P7 Were using an ampmeter to test the electrical current in a circuit….in different places and with different components .

DSC03786-opt (1)

In topic work those busy bees in P1 and 2 were weaving like Vikings !

There was also dancing in PE for P1-4…Handball for P5-7…Social Studies (P5-7)….Numeracy…..Spanish (P5-7) ….Library…..some children squeezed in a chanter lesson and a fiddle lesson too !

P.S. With all the rain we are getting the playground is pretty wet and muddy. It might be a good idea to wear wellies for outside playtimes .

Weds 8th November 

We started the day with an assembly to choose what challenges we wanted to do for Children in Need next Wednesday. Everyone was very excited about the house challenges: Frozen T Shirt, Welly Beans, Lip Singing, Cracker Challenge and Jelly gobbling !

P.E: Gymnastics 

Science  : Some classes explored the science of bubbles as part of their forces topics. 

P7 continued to build circuits and learn about measuring the current with an ammeter.  This week P7 took part in a buoyancy workshop with the sea cadets. They learnt more about the forces in water and about the density of different solids and liquids. 

P3-4 : Making Remembrance Poppies 

P1-2 : Were busy making Viking Longships 

Weds 25th October

It was great to see everyone again after the holidays. We have started some new learning topics:

Science P1/2 :  Exploring Forces

Science P3/4 : Electricity – Little Lighthouse Project

Science P5/6 : Water – buoyancy, changing state, dissolving experiments

Science P7: Electrical circuits- series and parallel.

PE: Gymnastics (all stages)

Literacy : Writing instructions (all stages).

There was also a pupil council meeting at lunchtime with our P7 elected representatives from our three primaries.

This week (27th Sept) in our science and maths lessons we had some excellent workshops form Mairi Stewart, STEM Co-ordinator, Highlands and Islands University. 

P1-2 and P3-4 carried out experiments with chemical changes. 

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……in the afternoon P5-7 learnt about computer coding using SPHERO, a programmable robotic ball. After school the teachers all had a training workshops too !

We will now be able to hire the equipment . This will  be an excellent resource for teaching practical maths (shapes, time, speed, distance and angles) and for computer coding which forms part of the technology curriculum for level 2 (P4 – P7).  

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This Wednesday (20th Sept):  P5-7 started a unit on orienteering in P.E.

Lesson One : How to orientate a map

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P1-2 were polishing their mental maths skills with a quick fire game- it was lots of fun!


P3-4 had a Kodaly music lesson with Mrs Muir clapping rhythms and songs.


P1-2 investigated metals and magnets in science


Meanwhile in the P5/6 and P7 science lessons they carried out an investigation to see if adding extra wheels to a car slowed it down..or speed it up.


In their maths lesson P3/4 are learning about the properties of 2D shapes.

P1-2 got stuck into their Viking topic books…

….some children had fiddle lessons….

Previously….on WOW….

Starting with science …

P1/2  and P3/4  are learning about Materials


P5/6 and P7 are learning about forces : Friction and air/water resistance

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In numeracy we are all learning about money and finance .


In literacy we are learning the features of diary writing. 

In P.E we are working on our ball skills : throwing, catching and fielding. 

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At lunchtime we sit in our year groups.